BioCare IntraFresh 6 Vaginal Pessaries


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  • IntraFresh® is a uniquely formulated pessary for female freshness and comfort
  • Effective – contains two strains of the Lactobacillus live bacteria plus garlic powder and rose oil. Lactobacillus species are the most predominant in the vaginal flora
  • Optimum support – the pessary is formed in a soluble wax to ensure stability and to allow uniform dispersion on the vaginal walls and help moisturise
  • Advanced – garlic is known for its multiple health benefits, rose oil provides a pleasant, delicate fragrance
  • Easy to use – Insert 1 pessary daily, ideally overnight, or as professionally directed
  • No unnecessary additives
  • Trusted – we’ve been helping to shape a healthier society for over 30 years
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • 6 days’ supply at 1 pessary per day

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