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Helps maintain healthy cellular energy metabolism

For you, if you want to ensure optimal mitochondrial function, important for healthy aging

The carnitine in L-Carnitine can:
  • Encourage cellular metabolic activity
  • Support already-healthy blood pressure
  • Help maintain the brain’s defenses against age-related memory & cognitive decline
  • Promote healthy body composition

Mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouses, produce the energy needed to keep us vibrant and healthy. Healthy levels of carnitine support optimal functioning of mitochondria and your body’s energy production.

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Mitochondria are the energy factories of the human cells needed to keep us vibrant, healthy, and young. Optimal functioning of mitochondria is dependent on normal levels of carnitine.

However, over time these levels go far down and, as a consequence, cells produce less energy and less metabolic activity. (1)

That means that our body ages much faster. The answer to this problem is carnitine supplementation because carnitine can help:

  • To maintain activity at the cell level, that fosters the process of fat being turned into energy within the mitochondria (2)
  • To prevent excess accumulation of cellular debris, that is responsible for cell death (3)
  • To support a healthy concentration of nitric oxide, which helps endothelial cells relax and maintain blood flow, supporting proper blood pressure (4)
  • To maintain healthy body fat composition, which in turn supports insulin sensitivity and healthy blood sugar levels already within normal range (5-6)
  • To support brain cells’ natural defences against age-related memory and cognitive de-cline (7

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