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These spiritual healing cards have come at this time to help us adapt to the new energies coming through on this planet and to help us become who we truly are.

Of the 35 Cards, each card contains a symbol which is the frequency signature of one of our Vibrant Essences.

These were made over the past 10 years, in highly energetically charged sacred places and are suitable for those on their spiritual development path, or who would simply like to be and feel well.


The beautiful boxed set comes complete with a 92 page explanatory booklet.  You can  learn:

  • how to receive the essence in the simplest way
  • how to make up an essence or spray if needed, using the symbols provided
  • how to use these once you’ve made them
  • how to recognise if your issues are physical, emotional or spiritual
  • what the particular card you’ve chosen means for you at this specific time
  • how the affirmation provided with each card can help you move forward

Testimonial from Lynne Booth, Reflexologist and TutorCreator of Vertical Reflexology Techniques at

The Vibrant Essence Cards are a unique and inspiring tool for helping individuals who seek balance, harmony and inspiration in their lives. They have been devised and written in a most sensitive, intelligent and intuitive way with guidelines and comments to help a person to help themselves in particular situations. The explanations are insightful and the particular affirmation for each card is inspiring. The circular gold rimmed cards, with a stunning design, are aesthetically exceptional in themselves. They are wonderful as gifts, or to work with personally. Whether these cards are consulted once in a while, or regularly, they always have valuable insights to offer.




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