Vitamin D Zooki (Mixed Berry Flavour) – 14 Sachets


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Great tasting, ready to drink sachets

Our Vitamin D Zooki has been infused with natural strawberry and blueberry extracts for a taste that will leave you wanting more


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High strength and absorption Each sachet contains 3000iu of Vitamin D3, the type that your body needs, wrapped in natural lipids that help with its absorption into the bloodstream

Vitamin D (unfortunately misnamed by the scientist who discovered it as it’s actually a type of hormone) helps shore up our immune system, regulates calcium going into and out of our bones, keeps us feeling energetic and happy and even supports skin, tendons and blood vessel walls.

We make most of it from contact with the sun’s UV rays – which is incredibly hard when you’re inside all day or struggling through cloudy days and winter!

Vegan friendly with added K2

We source our vitamin D3 from vegan friendly lichen algae, rather than sheep’s wool, and include Vitamin K2 which works in tandem to regulate the strength of your bones


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