Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Magnesium 60 Capsules


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Our Food-Grown® Magnesium is grown in raw, live food paste so not only is the full biochemistry of the mineral represented, complete with glycoproteins, lipids and amino acids, but so too is the full spectrum of seven Magnesium compounds. This is Magnesium as nature intended.

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Our Food-Grown® Magnesium is for all the family, providing 80mg (in two capsules) of elemental Magnesium to support energy and the nervous system for the daytime. It is commonly used as a ‘soothing and calming’ mineral in the evening or before bedtime. It is essential for healthy mood, bones and teeth. For busy people and support during challenging times.

Key Benefits

  • Psychological wellbeing
  • Healthy energy
  • Reduction of tiredness
  • Nerve soothing

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