B101 Archangel Jophiel


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COLOUR: Pale Blue / Pale Olive Green 

KEYNOTE: The way back to the garden of the heart and the opening to a new level within our being.

MAIN THEME: To ground the feeling side of our being. The process of the unfoldment of the heart.

BLUE: Promotes peace on all levels. Supports you to find stillness within so to achieve inner peace. Brings a sense of calmness and feeling of serenity. Helps you to trust and have faith. Enhances the ability to communicate.

OLIVE: Olive is a colour associated with hope and empowerment. Helps to find out what is right for oneself and brings out feminine leadership qualities. Support to be flexible and practical, dissolving bitterness and guilt.

CHAKRA: Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Part of the Archangel Set

AFFIRMATION: I now open myself to enter the garden of the heart with a sense of joy and gratitude

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