B103 Archangel Haniel


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COLOUR: Opalescent Blue / Deep Magenta

KEYNOTE: The support for the Higher will and the development of the Light body. Haniel asks: ‘Are we part of the solution or part of the problem?’.

MAIN THEME: Archangel Haniel is here to support us in the unfolding of our purpose and he helps us to allow the flow of the divine, which wants to express itself through us.

BLUE: Promotes peace on all levels. Supports you to find stillness within so to achieve inner peace. Brings a sense of calmness and feeling of serenity. Helps you to trust and have faith. Enhances the ability to communicate.

DEEP MAGENTA: Restorative and deeply nurturing, it brings the instinct and intellect into unison. It is known as the carer’s carer as it supports those who are giving. May lead to self-realisation and awareness of ones life’s purpose

CHAKRA: Throat and all Chakras

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Part of the Archangel Set

AFFIRMATION: I here and now confirm all that is positive in my life, moment to moment

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