B118 Echo


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COLOUR: Pale Coral / Pale Violet

KEYNOTE: Through accepting ourselves completely and in connection with the Earth we bring about the possibility for transformation

MAIN THEME: Echo gives us the enveloping security and trust in life that we need to get into the deep inner healing of our emotional field. The gift of Echo is the liberation of our old conditioning and our deep-seated fears, thereby creating a realignment towards love, compassion and the essence of peace, first for us and then for all beings. One of the great gifts from Echo to us is the strength and courage to embrace our uniqueness and thus love ourselves as we are. This creates a deep understanding and compassion for all of our fellow beings, which in turn makes us ready for a new community with all living things.

CORAL: Support to build healthy relationships, especially with oneself. Aids self-love and the willingness to love. Reminds you of the importance of community and co-operation. Strengthens the electromagnetic field around the physical body.

VIOLET: Supports your connection to higher mind and promotes positive thinking. It carries qualities of transformation, integration and healing. It is supportive for those who are sensitive. Helps you to find your service in the world.

CHAKRA: Base, Sacral and Crown

AFFIRMATION: My love for myself is restored as I develop my connection to the earth and those around me

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