B26 Shock Bottle/Etheric Rescue


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COLOUR:  Orange / Orange

KEYNOTE: Rebalancing the timeline, pulling together discrepancies and restoring the synchronicity of life.

MAIN THEME: To get it together again. Shock and its consequences on all levels. Cleanses the etheric gap. For any form of shock, particularly those in deep shock. The shock absorber.

ORANGE: Supports letting go and can bring deep insights. Helps you overcome shocks of the past and aids in the release of dependency and co-dependency issues. Promotes a sense of fulfilment.

CHAKRA: Sacral Chakra

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Belongs to the Chakra Set. On the left side of the body is the ‘etheric gap’ where the ‘true aura’ moves in shock situations and the application of this bottle can help bring the aura back to its original position. This bottle is applied in a specific way – around the entire abdomen; also from the left ear lobe to left shoulder in a small band downward. Then, beginning under the left arm in a wide band down the left hand side of the trunk to the ankle

AFFIRMATION: I send peace to all the beings that I have been

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