B47 Old Soul


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In stock


COLOUR: Royal Blue / Lemon

KEYNOTE: Intellectual clarity and the gift of understanding which comes through the Emerald of the Heart.

MAIN THEME: Connecting head and belly.

ROYAL BLUE: Relates to the sixth sense and higher knowing. Opens you to the powers of the imagination and intuition. Brings a feeling of deep peace. Helps to change loneliness to a feeling all–one-ness. Supports you to become your own authority.

YELLOW:  The energies of sunlight. Helps you to overcome irrational fears and nervousness enabling you to feel greater joy and happiness. Yellow supports the Solar Plexus and the nervous centre and helps the integration of knowledge.

CHAKRA: Solar Plexus, Heart and Third Eye

AFFIRMATION: I make the best of my opportunities. I feel the joy as I see those opportunities clearly


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