B93 Hansel


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COLOUR: Pale Coral / Turquoise

KEYNOTE: Facing the shadow to find the truth of the heart as we see and reconcile more of the aspects of ourselves.

MAIN THEME: Collective communication of love wisdom, deepest joy.

CORAL: Support to build healthy relationships, especially with oneself. Aids self-love and the willingness to love. Reminds you of the importance of community and co-operation. Strengthens the electromagnetic field around the physical body.

TURQUOISE: Brings flow and promotes creativity and playfulness. It supports communication of the feelings and self-reliance. The journey to find your inner teacher, where you discover the unique gifts that you bring to the world.

CHAKRA: Sacral, Heart and Ananda-Khanda Chakra

AFFIRMATION: I am fortunate and grateful to be able to see beyond duality, to feel the sense of unity within

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