B95 Archangel Gabriel


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In stock


COLOUR: Magenta / Gold

KEYNOTE: The messenger of the star helping us to get in touch with our true purpose.

MAIN THEME: The alignment of the soul consciousness or true aura with self.

MAGENTA: Helps you to be present. Carries the frequencies of divine love helping you to bring love into all that you do. Supports attention to detail and care.

GOLD: Connects you to ancient wisdom and knowing. Promotes self-confidence, courage and self-knowing. Helps you to understand old lessons and release habitual patterns. Supports the connection with the Incarnational Star and your true colours.

CHAKRA: Base and Solar Plexus

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Part of the Archangel set

AFFIRMATION:I receive the wisdom and love that is needed for me to evolve toward the higher good


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