B111 Archangel Daniel


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COLOUR:  Mid-Tone Royal Blue / Mid-Tone Olive

KEYNOTE: To restore balance between inner and outer relationships.

MAIN THEME: Daniel supports us in recognizing what is real and what is not. With his help, we can direct our purposefulness to our dreams and intentions, and this enables us to bring them into matter without much expenditure of energy. With Daniel’s help, we develop more compassion for ourselves and our situation. But the more we develop the quality of compassion for ourselves, the more we can let it flow out of us into the world. It also helps us to find our true identity in the depth of our being and to live it in its full quality.

ROYAL BLUE: Relates to the sixth sense and higher knowing. Opens you to the powers of the imagination and intuition. Brings a feeling of deep peace. Helps to change loneliness to a feeling all–one-ness. Supports you to become your own authority.

OLIVE: Olive is a colour associated with hope and empowerment. Helps to find out what is right for oneself and brings out feminine leadership qualities. Support to be flexible and practical, dissolving bitterness and guilt.

CHAKRA: Heart, Throat and Third Eye

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES:  Part of the Arcgangel Set

AFFIRMATION:  Letting go of bitterness, I step forward with clarity and vision

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