B112 Archangel Israfel


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COLOUR:Turquoise / Mid-Tone Royal Blue

KEYNOTE: Clarity in joyful creativity.

MAIN THEME: Archangel Israfel helps us to accept and use all the great gifts that we asked for before we incarnated and that were also generously given to us. With Israfels help the process of awakening is initiated in us and we get the opportunity to develop our light body. We are given glimpses behind the veil of illusion and we can see more clearly the paths we are treading here on earth. Israfel brings us a deep transformation towards our true nature and thus in connection with a joyful, positive attitude to life. We get the chance to be fully anchored in being who we really are.

TURQUOISE: Brings flow and promotes creativity and playfulness. It supports communication of the feelings and self-reliance. The journey to find your inner teacher, where you discover the unique gifts that you bring to the world.

ROYAL BLUE: Relates to the sixth sense and higher knowing. Opens you to the powers of the imagination and intuition. Brings a feeling of deep peace. Helps to change loneliness to a feeling all–one-ness. Supports you to become your own authority.

CHAKRA: Heart, Throat and Third Eye

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES:Part of the Archangel Set

AFFIRMATION: I am bringing creativity from the depths of myself in all that I do

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