Essential Oils

Essential oils are at the foundation of naturopathic medicine. They have been used for centuries to treat a wide range of ailments and provide many health benefits. Essential oils are plant-derived compounds that contain volatile aromatic molecules. When inhaled, these molecules can quickly enter the bloodstream, providing powerful effects on the body’s systems. Herbal medicine is another important pillar in naturopathy and involves using plants to treat medical conditions. It includes traditional uses as well as modern scientific research. Herbal remedies help to support balance in the body and restore harmony between mind and soul. Together, essential oils and herbal medicines form an effective combination for treating a variety of physical issues as well as promoting overall wellbeing through natural means. Naturopathic doctors use these two modalities to identify and treat the root causes of disease and illness. They provide tailored treatments that address the body as a whole, rather than just isolated symptoms. By combining essential oils with herbal medicine, naturopathic doctors can create modified treatments for each unique individual, helping them to restore balance and achieve optimal health.