Energetic Health/Colour Therapy

Energetic health and herbal medicine are two closely related concepts. While they may appear to be quite different, they have much in common. Both focus on treating the body holistically, using natural methods and ingredients to improve overall health. However, there is an important distinction between these two approaches: energetic health looks at the body from an energy perspective while herbal medicine focuses more on physical remedies.

Energetic health centers around the idea that every living thing has its own unique energy pattern or vibration which can be used as a diagnostic tool for detecting imbalances within the body. This energy can be affected by mental and emotional states, environmental factors, diet and lifestyle habits, etc., all of which can lead to disease or illness. To restore balance and health, energetic techniques such as acupuncture, acupressure, meditation, qigong and Reiki can be used to improve energy flow.