Aura Soma – B7 Garden of Gesthemane


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COLOUR:  Yellow / Green

KEYNOTE: Trust in the process of life, faith and hope in the way things unfold.

MAIN THEME: This bottle represents a “Test of Faith”. So the main theme is confidence and vision to persist against the odds. A sense of joy, space and direction.

YELLOW– The energies of sunlight. Helps you to overcome irrational fears and nervousness enabling you to feel greater joy and happiness. Yellow supports the Solar Plexus and the nervous centre and helps the integration of knowledge.

GREEN– Brings a sense of space and connects you to the truth of your heart. It supports you through change and decision making processes. It is a balancer and harmoniser. Helps to expand your awareness so you can see the greater picture.

CHAKRA: Heart and Solar Plexus

AFFIRMATION: I have no limits, I let go those I have set for myself

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Aura Soma


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