B8 Anubis


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COLOUR:  Yellow / Blue 

KEYNOTE: The communication of knowledge, the joy of peace and the lightness of being.

MAIN THEME: Discrimination. The possibility to recognize what is of true value in a situation. The ability to bring ones attention and feeling into focus on the essence of life. Communication within, knowledge and wisdom.

YELLOW: The energies of sunlight. Helps you to overcome irrational fears and nervousness enabling you to feel greater joy and happiness. Yellow supports the Solar Plexus and the nervous centre and helps the integration of knowledge.

BLUE: Promotes peace on all levels. Supports you to find stillness within so to achieve inner peace. Brings a sense of calmness and feeling of serenity. Helps you to trust and have faith. Enhances the ability to communicate.

CHAKRA:  Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat

AFFIRMATION: In this moment, here and now. I am open for the possibility  of change


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