B107 Archangel Tzaphkiel


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COLOUR:  Opalescent Turquoise / Deep Magenta

KEYNOTE: Support from the Divine Feminine within for individuation and heightened creativity. The marriage of Love and Truth.

MAIN THEME:  Archangel Tzaphkiel invites us to expand the feeling of love into the purpose and commitment of love. This expanded love holds an ocean of compassion in which we may bring all we have ever been into reconciliation and harmony with all we might become. It is a love that asks us not to get out of the way, but to become the Way. It is a love with the presence to not only energize the little things in our daily activities — events, encounters and the why and how of what we do — but also to propel and expand our personal individuation into collaboration with the individuations of those around us, and ultimately to all in the evolution of the collective Earth-Heart.

TURQUOISE: Brings flow and promotes creativity and playfulness. It supports communication of the feelings and self-reliance. The journey to find your inner teacher, where you discover the unique gifts that you bring to the world.

DEEP MAGENTA: Restorative and deeply nurturing, it brings the instinct and intellect into unison. It is known as the carer’s carer as it supports those who are giving. May lead to self-realisation and awareness of ones life’s purpose.

CHAKRA: Heart, Throat and all Chakras

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Part of the Archangel Set

AFFIRMATION: The sea of consciousness opens before me as I let go of the past

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