B115 Khemiel & Ariel


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COLOUR: Orange / Red

KEYNOTE: Deep love and honour towards our being.

MAIN THEME: Archangel Khemiel and Archangel Ariel support us in this critical time of change to come into a deeper level of compassion for ourselves and our destiny. They give us the strength and courage to actually realize our dreams of a new paradise on earth. They strengthen in us the feeling of belonging to a new humanity, help us to see ourselves as a responsible part of this union and open the gates in us in our innermost being so that we are no longer afraid of an all-changing togetherness.

RED: Supports determination and will, helping you to stay strong and grounded. It protects against negative influences and is energising. Strengthens energetically and helps concentration.

ORANGE: Supports letting go and can bring deep insights. Helps you overcome shocks of the past and aids in the release of dependency and co-dependency issues. Promotes a sense of fulfilment.

CHAKRA: Base and Sacral

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES:Part of the Archangel Set

AFFIRMATION: I stand firm in my faith and trust, my truth as I come to a real sense of unification

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