B113 Archangel Cassiel


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COLOUR:  Emerald Green / Mid-Tone Olive

KEYNOTE: Awareness that is inspired through love.

MAIN THEME: Archangel Cassiel leads us to a new level of love. He opens gates for us that have up to now been closed to humanity. With his support, we can experience a completely new form of spiritual self-confidence, as we learn to connect deeply with our true nature. We learn to understand what the nature of our self-worth is. Recognizing our uniqueness and, associated with it, our individual beauty, lets us arrive deeply with ourselves.

GREEN: Brings a sense of space and connects you to the truth of your heart. It supports you through change and decision making processes. It is a balancer and harmoniser. Helps to expand your awareness so you can see the greater picture.

OLIVE: Olive is a colour associated with hope and empowerment. Helps to find out what is right for oneself and brings out feminine leadership qualities. Support to be flexible and practical, dissolving bitterness and guilt.

CHAKRA: Heart and Throat

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES: Part of the Archangel set

AFFIRMATION: I find space for me to be able to do what I need to do


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