B3 The Heart Rescue Bottle


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COLOUR:  Blue / Green

KEYNOTE: Creative communication that comes through us especially in relation to the earth’s grid and magnetic structure.

MAIN THEME: Issues of the heart – spaciousness and vision, and the whole emotional side of life. These colors are supportive in decision making and in choosing direction and purpose. Expressing feelings peacefully. Blue/green represent the energies that give us the possibility to move out into life with freedom. So spaciousness is needed and the ability to see where we wish to go. To achieve a goal it helps to set the intention by clearly recognizing our vision. Blue/green can support this process.

BLUE: Promotes peace on all levels. Supports you to find stillness within so to achieve inner peace. Brings a sense of calmness and feeling of serenity. Helps you to trust and have faith. Enhances the ability to communicate.

GREEN: Brings a sense of space and connects you to the truth of your heart. It supports you through change and decision making processes. It is a balancer and harmoniser. Helps to expand your awareness so you can see the greater picture.


DISTICTIVE QUALITIES: Part of the Chakra Set and Rescue set

AFFIRMATION:I express truthfully from the heart


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