B4 The Sunlight Bottle


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COLOUR:  Yellow / Gold

KEYNOTE: Represents the discrimination between knowledge: that which can be acquired, and wisdom: that which we already have.

MAIN THEME: Wisdom and joy through inner knowing. Yellow/gold can shine the light on our less conscious reactions and habits, bringing greater awareness to mechanical responses.

YELLOW– The energies of sunlight. Helps you to overcome irrational fears and nervousness enabling you to feel greater joy and happiness. Yellow supports the Solar Plexus and the nervous centre and helps the integration of knowledge.

GOLD– Connects you to ancient wisdom and knowing. Promotes self-confidence, courage and self-knowing. Helps you to understand old lessons and release habitual patterns. Supports the connection with the Incarnational Star and your true colours.

CHAKRA:Solar Plexus

DISTINCTIVE QUALITIES:Part of the Chakra Set and Rescue Set

AFFIRMATION:I am safe and happy and I know that I know nothing


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