B32 Sophia


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In stock


COLOUR: Royal Blue / Gold 

KEYNOTE: Clarity in relation to the wisdom that lies within. A message from the stars.

MAIN THEME: Imparting of inner truth.

ROYAL BLUE: Relates to the sixth sense and higher knowing. Opens you to the powers of the imagination and intuition. Brings a feeling of deep peace. Helps to change loneliness to a feeling all–one-ness. Supports you to become your own authority.

GOLD: Connects you to ancient wisdom and knowing. Promotes self-confidence, courage and self-knowing. Helps you to understand old lessons and release habitual patterns. Supports the connection with the Incarnational Star and your true colours.

CHAKRA: Solar Plexus and Third Eye

AFFIRMATION: I am open to a deep joy and a peacce that brings clarity to my being


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