B33 Dolphin/ Peace with a Purpose


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In stock


COLOUR: Royal Blue / Turquoise

KEYNOTE: Clarity and playfulness, spontaneity and joy. A clear expression of heartfelt communication.

MAIN THEME: Peaceful communication. The creative communication of the heart. Communication of peace to the world. Creativity. Peace with a purpose.

ROYAL BLUE: Relates to the sixth sense and higher knowing. Opens you to the powers of the imagination and intuition. Brings a feeling of deep peace. Helps to change loneliness to a feeling all–one-ness. Supports you to become your own authority.

TURQUOISE: Brings flow and promotes creativity and playfulness. It supports communication of the feelings and self-reliance. The journey to find your inner teacher, where you discover the unique gifts that you bring to the world.

CHAKRA: Heart and Third Eye

AFFIRMATION:Peace on the in breath, peace on the out breath. I don’t take myself too seriously


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