B78 Crown Rescue


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In stock


COLOUR: Violet / Deep Magenta

KEYNOTE: Every ending brings a new beginning; letting go and intense service may lead to our “right place.”

MAIN THEME: The full power from above comes to earth to help humanity.

VIOLET: Supports your connection to higher mind and promotes positive thinking. It carries qualities of transformation, integration and healing. It is supportive for those who are sensitive. Helps you to find your service in the world.

DEEP MAGENTA: Restorative and deeply nurturing, it brings the instinct and intellect into unison. It is known as the carer’s carer as it supports those who are giving. May lead to self-realisation and awareness of ones life’s purpose.

CHAKRA: Crown Chakra

AFFIRMATION: I invite the vastness of spirit and its lumonosity into all areas of life where previously I have not seen it.


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