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Rose: Unconditional love, heart opening, the Goddess. Associated with the Virgin Mary, Venus, Aphrodite.

Ylang Ylang: Sexuality, sensuality, harmony. Balances male/female energies. For anger, low self esteem, getting in touch with your body.

Geranium: Pure Mother energy, nurturing, compassion. Harmonises the reproductive cycle and supports transitions. Traditionally used by midwives.

Spikenard: Represents the divine path within us all. Heals the heart and past trauma. Supports us when stepping into our power. Associated with Mary Magdalene (she anointed Jesus’ feet with spikenard oil before the Last Supper).

Linden blossom: The Great Mother Tree, good for meditating and connecting with the Goddess. Opens the Heart to love. Associated with Mother Mary, Freya and Green Tara.

White lotus: Awakening – White Lotus grows in muddy ponds and blossoms daily to rise above the dirty waters. Calms and sooths, supports kindness and forgiveness. Associated with Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom, music and learning.

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Rescue roller made with very precious plant essences associated with the Goddess. The Goddess in the palm of your hand! Roll onto pulse points when you need a boost of unconditional love, nurture and strength. Helps with stressful situations or busy environments. Great tool for space holders.

Organic and sustainably sourced, non-genetically modified soya wax. Hand crafted in the New Forest. Just one drop of the rose oil corresponds to 20 rose heads.

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Urban Goddess


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