Lava Vitae Vita Cell (300 Capsules) 120g


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The solar power plant for a complete supply of plant nutrients.

  • chlorophyll-rich microalgae
  • organic and vegan
  • for the whole family

Commitment to clean sport: Our product Vita Cell is regularly tested for selected doping substances.

Contents:  300 tablets á 400 mg (120 g net quantity)

In stock


Vita Cell consists of 100% pure chlorella. This freshwater micro-algae is the most chlorophyll-rich plant in the world and makes life green and powerful.

  • green power alga
  • with plant vitamins and minerals
  • powerful chlorophyll
  • Organic quality

Time for the daily dose of green vitality

The green power plant Chlorella in Vita Cell contains valuable vital substances with high bioavailability. These cleanse the organism and help to gently deacidify the body tissues. Microalgae contain the original substance of life and are a valuable contribution to a healthy diet. Chlorella, in particular, plays a particularly important role here as the plant with the highest chlorophyll content in the world. They pass on the solar energy stored in chlorophyll to humans.

Superfood for more vitality

Superfoods are characterised by a particularly high density of valuable nutrients. The micro-algae chlorella is one of the best-studied foods today, and numerous scientific studies have proven its health effects.

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Lava Vitae


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